Landfill site of radioactive waste in Germany – Project of an office building in Salzgitter


The region Salzgitter, adjacent to Hannover, is famous for its youngest iron ore mine that will soon be transformed, however. Instead of it, a landfill site of radioactive waste will be created there. It will take a considerable amount, as much as 90% of this pollution type in Germany.

The office building, consisting of three floors with a surface area of 1000 m2, for which we have performed a project of steel constructions, was built in the area of a shaft Konrad-2. It has also been equipped with appropriate sanitary and electrical installations. The building was put into use in September.

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Steel structures & mechanical equipment,
pressure & filtration equipment
pipelines & support constructions


Fuel in-feeding systems
Chain conveyors
Heat exchangers
Designing of mechanical equipment
Air and flue gas ducts
Chain conveyors transporting fuel or ash
Catwalks and stairs for operation and maintenance

Support constructions according to Eurocodes


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