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We design and build solutions

At Runarsson we design and manufacture steel constructions as well as mechanical and filtration equipment. Most of our solutions are made under the umbrella term “Machines and equipment for a green transition in Europe”.

We have many years of experience in construction of transport and pressure equipment as well as pipelines, and cooperate with leading companies in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe

Our production facility in Denmark is a support for our design projects, which are mostly created from our design office in Poland. We further provide mounting services, re-build and renovations. In addition, we offer our customers warranty and post-warranty service.

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Runarsson A/S was founded 2015. We proudly design and build machines and constructions, that help a green transition especially within combustion and waste management in Europe. Each day Runarsson has people in the design office, in the manufacturing site and we have people at the customers site installing and servicing machinery and equipment.

Technical solutions for green industrial applications

The Runarsson company was founded in Denmark and we have worked together for many years based on our experience from some of the best industrial companies in Europe.

Acquired knowledge and gained experience in the steel and engineering industry, has helped us open a production plant (DK) where we offer mechanical engineering, welding and installation of pipes, cutting and bending steel sheets, and the production of pressure vessels. In our design office (PL) most work is focused at designing, simulating and engineering for new projects.

Runarsson Engineering (PL)

Design office with focused on the steel industry, filtration equipment and pipelines. We provide a team of dedicated specialists within mechanical design, modelling, engineering and documentation. Reach out and discuss your project with us.

Runarsson A/S (DK)

At our manufacturing site, we offer a very wide range of competence and services. The services include machine build and installation, welding, paint jobs and metal work for large and heavy parts. Get in contact if you need our help.

Features projects


Fuel in-feeding systems

There are many interesting projects that run through our design office, and later the production…

High temperature filter

Another Runarsson filter flying in the air. This time a high temperature filter delivered to…

Quality | Trust | Innovation

Let's build a greener future

Steel structures & mechanical equipment,
pressure & filtration equipment
pipelines & support constructions


Fuel in-feeding systems
Chain conveyors
Heat exchangers
Designing of mechanical equipment
Air and flue gas ducts
Chain conveyors transporting fuel or ash
Catwalks and stairs for operation and maintenance

Support constructions according to Eurocodes


Runarsson A/S
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Runarsson Engineering
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Runarsson Engineering (PL)

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Runarsson A/S   

Krogagervej 2
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CVR: 36537450

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Runarsson Engineering Sp. z o.o.

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