Project of a water-cooled floor – Individual order of a customer


Our project is another part of a conctract signed with the SWS company concerning the rebuilding of a waste combustion plant.

The location of the floor above the flue gas duct, between the oven and the water duct,  made it extremely hot and not suitable for use. The existing insulation was insufficient.

The floor cooling project had to include a pressure construction according to the PED/2014 pressure directive as well as an installation that evenly distributes the water over the entire surface of the platform.

The assembly works had to involve removing of the old floor, sealing of the connection between the floor and the flue gas duct, but first of all it was necessary to add a reinforcement in the boiler, so that our cooling system had something to lean on.

The construction works flawlessly and meets the requirements of our customer.

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